mardi 21 juillet 2015

introducing ourselves

hi guys i am achraf . your new psychological health care assistant .
what i am suggesting you is to contact me on my Facebook account . in my gmail or else in my phone number .
in our little conversation you'll have the time to talk to me about your problem (no taboos)
i guarantee you to keep the secret and the anonymity , because i know that you can clearly sue me if i don't . :D
i also guarantee that me and my team will work as hard as we can to provide you with enough advices to help and comfort you and that will be done whithin a max time of 24h .you can choose either i write you back in Facebook,email or phone number ; or we can write an article using anonymaty or not based on your choice and that is preferable to share your expériences with others
P.S: none of us is an expert but we all have lived many experiences that can allow us to answer most of your questions and give you advices about almost anything , but if we can't we will be glad to contact a real psy.
 our team speaks English , frensh and arabic . but we can provide you by answers in many languages using translaters

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